Yes! You Can Promote To Your List!

Yes! You Can Promote To Your List!

Establishing a quality, long-lasting and lucrative relationship with your subscribers may seem like a daunting task, but is absolutely critical in order to maintain a successful online business. While selling to your list can be intimidating, remember that a missed opportunity is a lost one. You will never realize the true potential of your customer-base if you do not tap into one of the best resources you already have – your list!

If you have not yet made the attempt to promote your business to your subscribers, don’t act hastily by inundating them with an onslaught of email promotions. Start out slow and test the waters first. An initial email letting them know you will be sending them valuable offers will open the lines of communication and lessen the shock value of advertisements appearing in their inboxes. This is an opportunity to sell yourself and your business while gaining their trust before the “sales” even begin.

Any subscriber who truly is not interested in receiving your promotional offers will then have the opportunity to let you know up front, and most will not hesitate to be very forth coming. Just as they have had the chance to “opt-in” to your mailings, they will now have the chance to “opt-out” of your promotions. This will help you weed out subscribers who have no potential to become customers in the first place. You do not want to waste your time with contacts that will not result in an increased profit anyway. The good news is that most of your list will not respond. In fact, they will most likely appreciate the heads up and possibly be even more receptive to your future offers given that you were considerate enough to “ask” their permission in the first place.

Once your list knows what to expect, you can begin the actual task of promoting. That does not mean to send them multiple offers on a daily basis until they exile your address to the world of SPAM. However, it does mean that you will have to stay on top of contacting your list and make a point of doing so frequently enough to stay current and fresh in their minds without filling their inboxes with clutter.

It is also important to maintain a balance between content-driven emails and those containing promotions. Selling to your list requires a delicate balance. Mix it up without mixing messages. In other words, alternate between information and advertising but do not blend the two. You do not want to take the risk of your message getting lost. You want to remain to be a voice your subscribers can trust without becoming too sales-driven and you also want to make sure your advertisements are clear without getting lost in your content. A good idea to consider is to send one promotion for every two or three information-driven emails. This way, you will not come across as overbearing and will simultaneously be taking advantage of possible revenue-building opportunities.

So don’t be afraid to promote to your list. It can and will prove to be a lucrative decision.

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