What’s On Your Hard Drive?

Every now and then, for whatever reason, you go wandering through that no-man’s land you call your computer hard drive. You find a plethora of information – personal stuff like the family holiday letter from the past 4 years, all your photos, maybe even a digital copy of your will (or is that last one just me?)

But mostly, there is a lot of Internet marketing information on your hard drive. Right? You’ve got ebooks and reports, free and paid for that you’ve learned a lot of useful things from. Then you’ve got a ton of PLR articles you’ve never used. Ok, you’ve been meaning to use the articles and you know they’ll give you mega-content and supercharge your niche, but… you haven’t done it.


It’s either because you don’t know how to rewrite PLR articles to make them your own, or you think it’s going to take you forever to customize them.

I’ve got your back.

Peggy Baron, a PLR writer since 2008, has put out an 80+ page ebook that shows you, not just tells you, how to rewrite your PLR articles. It’s aptly named How To Rewrite PLR. She gives examples and asks you to try some sample rewrites yourself so you can get the hang of it and see how easy it can be.

When you’ve finished with this ebook, you should be rewriting PLR articles with ease, and putting them to work for you. I imagine you’ll like having your niche site with lots of meaty content? Or the articles turned into an ecourse for subscribers? Or….?

How To Rewrite PLR also shows you how to rewrite a PLR report to make it your own. Just think what you could do with that? Set it up as an optin to collect email addresses and grow your list, sell it, give it away to your list and make them happy, include it as a bonus, enter it in a giveaway. There are lots of things you can do with a new and improved report.

Check out the ebook, then go forth and succeed with your Internet marketing. :)

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