What’s The Difference Between PLR And Free Reprint Articles?

By Alice Coaxum

PLR and free reprint articles have in common the fact that they are both a quick way to get quality content for your website. Both come in a wide array of topics.

However with free reprint articles you are very limited. Basically you can just copy and paste them to your website. You have to leave the author box intact and you have to name the author, thus giving them all of the credit for the article.

The author of the article gets traffic and possibly sales from your website because you are advertising for them when you place their free reprint articles on your website.

While this isn’t a bad thing, because sometimes you run across articles that you feel would greatly benefit your audience, if done moderately, you wouldn’t want all of your content to consist of someone else’s work with their name attached to it.

With PLR you are not limited because you do not have to name the author. As far as you readers are concerned, you are the author and you get all of the credit.

There isn’t an author box when you use PLR. In fact if you don’t tell anyone you are using PLR, no one else will either. How will they know? There are no identifying factors that show you are using someone else’s work.

Using PLR is like having a ghost writer at your beck and call minus the exclusivity and the huge price tag. However you can easily edit the articles and make them exclusive or unique to you alone.

If there is something that you wish to add you can do so. If there is something you don’t agree with you can either omit it or add your own opinion to the article.

You can create videos, ebooks and more from PLR. Once you purchase PLR it belongs to you. You can’t get those kind of perks with Free reprinted articles because all credit goes to the author. You can’t sell work that doesn’t belong to you without the authors permission.

Alice Coaxum is a PLR writer and internet marketer who creates quality PLR articles, blog posts, reports and autoresponder emails at ShopForPLR.Com

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