Video Tutorials on a Budget

By Michelle Schoen

One of the most expensive things you can buy these days is software. It seems like the price just keeps going up as the technology becomes more complex, with no stopping point in sight. Fortunately if you need to make tutorial videos and you need to create training videos there are some open source (free) options as well as some low-cost options.

After you determine your budget if outsourcing is not an option, then take a look at the open-source and low-cost software offerings such as:

AviScreen – A windows based screen capturing software, this software is limited in scope but very useful for creating soundless how to tutorials about pretty much anything that requires you record your computer screen.

GoView – This is a semi “in the cloud” option that records your screen and audio to create training videos that do a great job and look professional. Download the recorder, then make your recording and share instantly, no need to learn how to upload anything since GoView hosts your recordings for you. This program is in BETA so there may be a charge later related to hosting. But it’s worth a try now while it’s still free.

Camtasia – This is screen capturing and video capturing software that has many professional quality functions, yet, it’s very inexpensive compared to other fully-featured software products. It also has a relatively short learning curve if you spend just a little time learning each day. There are a variety of training products that you can purchase to help learn this amazing software.

PowerPoint – If you don’t have PowerPoint you can also use OpenOffice to create powerful presentations then use a screen recording software such as AviScreen, GoView, or Camtasia to record your screen while presenting the presentation. Creating training videos has never been easier than it is today. The amateur can look professional without spending six figures.

If you’re already good at doing something, when you create a training video the hardest part will be getting yourself organized so that the process goes fast. The next hardest part is choosing the right software to make your job easier and look professional to boot. If you get organized and choose the right software you’ll be able to create powerful and professional training videos fast and easily. What’s more, your training videos will get results. A training video is almost better than being there in person because the trainee can look at the video again and again even when you’re not there.

Creating training videos on a budget is simple to do if you get everything prepared before you get started. Don’t expect to be perfect, but do make a script that you can loosely follow so that you don’t miss steps. Preparation is the key to making budget training videos.

Making Video Tutorials can be one of the fastest products you will ever create and there is nothing like the power of video! Learn how to create quick video tutorials for fun and profit by visiting of video!

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