Traffic Increase From Just The Change Of A THEME

Many people in the online industry struggle to gain more traffic on their websites and this usually affects the sales. There are many other sites, especially socially networking ones that do incredibly well in terms of web traffic. However, not all of us can afford one.

There’s always an alternative route and such was the case of the world’s most expensive domain name, They have had problems with web traffic before, despite popular belief. In an instant, all that changed and all they did was to change their site’s entire layout to look like Pinterest. Their traffic jumped by a whopping 1173%!

PinSomoThe reason why this works so well is the fact that humans are very visual creatures so everything we see is easily embedded, understood and applied into our cerebral systems. Due to increasing popularity in the use of social media and its relevant networking sites, millions of people have become trained to “share”, “like” and “pin” images or posts as if they’ve been doing it the moment they were born. As such, Pinterest has become the fastest growing social networking site to date.

So if you think about it, there really isn’t a need to build an extensive design to rival Pinterest and spend large dollar amounts. All you need really is something that looks and works like Pinterest and leave the rest to the conditioned brains of us human beings to do the rest!

Shopify recently examined sales data for 25,000 stores and found that Pinterest referred traffic on average at $80 per order, which is higher than Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Bing, and double that of Facebook and every other social media site!

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