Top 12 Reasons Your Online Business Needs a Copywriter

Top 12 Reasons Your Online Business Needs a Copywriter

Hiring a copywriter is one of the most important investments any businessperson makes.

Even if you know how to write your own copy, you’ll still find that working with a good copywriter brings positive results to your bottom line.

That’s because you could be too close to your product or service to properly write copy for it.

Or you could be at that point in your business, when you no longer have the time and/or energy to do your own copywriting.

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If you’re still on the fence about the value a high-calibre copywriter can bring to your business, then read on, because here are…

12 Reasons to Hire A Copywriter

Even before a good copywriter writes one word for your promotion, he or she will ask you questions that will help you:

1. Clarify your target market

Your copywriter will help make sure that you have a clear idea and understanding of your target market, and that your product/service matches it.

2. Communicate your USP

A copywriter will also help you identify and communicate your Unique Selling Proposition. That’s what makes you stand out from your competition.

3. Identify the features and benefits of your product

Another part of preparing to write your promotional material is identifying your product’s features and benefits. Without communicating this, you won’t give your prospects enough reasons to buy your product.

4. Assess the strength of your offer

A copywriter can also assess if your offer is irresistible, or if it’s something your prospects can easily pass up.

5. Come up with all-purpose headlines

Your copywriter will brainstorm dozens of headlines before choosing the best one for your material. You can use these for your website, landing pages, text ads and banner ads.

6. Craft an engaging “About” page

Writing your personal story can feel awkward. A copywriter can write your “About” page copy, so that it helps readers know, like and trust you.

7. Come up with a laser-targeted, benefit-oriented title for your website and a headline for your home page

Make sure your home page communicates your USP within 3 seconds. A well-crafted website title, sub-title and home page headline are necessary for this.

8. Describe your products and services in a customer-focused way

If you have a catalog-like page of your products and/or services, a copywriter can write descriptions for them in a way that focuses on what your customers want and are looking for.

9. Create an effective opt-in form for your site

Effective copy makes a big difference in how many of your site readers sign up for your mailing list.

0. Write a high-conversion landing page for your products and/or services

A good copywriter will create a landing page for your product/service that effectively gets you more orders — even with the same traffic.

11. Write promotional emails that get opened, read and clicked through

If you have a list, you’ll want to occasionally promote your products or affiliate products to your subscribers. You’ll need good copy to get more of them to actually read your emails and click on your links.

12. Create promotional materials for your affiliates to use

Affiliates need promotional materials to help them pre-sell your products. Make their job easier by having a copywriter prepare solo promos, articles, blog posts, text ads and even Twitter tweets.

As you can see, copywriting plays a big role in your business.

You could do all the copywriting for your business if you want.

Or, you can focus on other strategic areas of your business and hire a copywriter to take care of all this for you.

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Copy can make or break your business. Make sure you get the best you can afford.



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