Three Tips to Help Build Your Mailing List

Three Tips to Help Build Your Mailing List

If you’ve been around the internet marketing world for any amount of time chances are you’ve heard those questions on more than once occasion. So many people focus on getting to the top of search engines when they could be spending that time working on building their list which is actually more beneficial than being at the top of the search engines! Google can drop you faster than a blink of the eye but a list can “Google proof” your income.

Building a list can be challenging but with these three tips you will be on your way to building an incredible list.

1. Build a relationship first. Your main objective should not be money but building a relationship with your list. Don’t send email after email that just offers your product or service. Yes putting your product and services in front of your subscribers eyes is key to making money. However, they more than likely signed up for your list expecting to get something out of it not just sales pitch after sales pitch. And you will find if you do that you’ll have unsubscriber after unsubscriber. So focus on relationship building first and the monetary aspect later.

2. Be consistent. Consistency is key! Have you ever signed up for a list only to end up forgetting you even signed up for it because the emails were so far and few in between? Not only does it cause list subscribers to forget they signed up but it causes the potential for loss of income and then if you decide to start the list back up later it’s going to be tougher to get those subscribers to open those emails! So when you start that list make sure you are consistent!

3. Use a good autoresponder company. Each company will have different pros and cons you’ll need to evaluate and decide what will be the best for you and your needs. An autoresponder is where you’ll keep your emails, find your opt-in code, keep an eye on tracking – how many subscribers are actually opening your emails, etc. So it’s imperative that you have a reliable autoresponder company!

Those are just three tips of 101 that you will find in the 101 Smart and Easy Mailing List Strategies guide. If you want to start a mailing list or already have a mailing list pick up your copy of Mom’s Talk Biz Guide to List Building – 101 Smart and Easy Mailing List Strategies for easy to follow tips that will help you build a strong business foundation – your list!




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