They Will Buy And They Will Pay Extra

By Jimmy D. Brown of iBusiness Owner

Picture this:

My son Jacob, now 9, comes to me and says, “Daddy, will you show me how to hit a forehand?”

Re-read that sentence. Study it for just a moment. Let the magnitude of this simple request take root in your mind, because his question is the key to you making big money as an internet marketer.

Let me explain by first pointing you to what Jacob did NOT ask me…

1) He didn’t ask me for a report or ebook or physical book that teaches how to hit a forehand.

2) He didn’t ask me for a DVD that SHOWS him how to hit a forehand.

3) He didn’t ask me for a new tennis racquet or accessory to help him hit a forehand.

4) He didn’t ask me for a seminar or group clinic to encourage him to hit a forehand.

What did he ask?

He asked ME to show HIM how HE can hit a forehand.

That’s huge.


A book can explain the process. A DVD can visualize the process. A piece of equipment can complement the process. A group seminar can encourage the process.

-> But what these things cannot do is answer an individual’s question about an individual’s attempt to apply the content.

Only personalized feedback can explain how the individual on the other side can make it work for their unique situation.

Only personalized feedback examines the details specific to one person and applies the fundamentals in a way that fits with that one person.

Why is that important to YOU? How does this all make money for YOUR BUSINESS? It’s simple.

*** Offer One-On-One Coaching ***

When you offer coaching, people will buy and they’ll even PAY EXTRA. Why?

For a whole bunch of reasons…

  • They want personal access and attention.
  • They want answers to their questions.
  • They need help when they get stuck.
  • They are afraid of failing.
  • They want to minimize their risk.
  • They need affirmation.
  • They are looking for feedback.
  • They desire a voice of wisdom.
  • They want to maximize their chance of success.

Bottom line: they want someone to help them make it work for them.

Whether it’s learning to hit a forehand or building a website or setting up a home-school environment, people want someone they can communicate with who’ll help them make the information work for them.

That’s where you come in.

Whatever your field of expertise is, offer personalized coaching. There are three basic ways to do this…

1. Answer questions. Simply offer a coaching program where you allow clients to ask you questions about a topic and they pay you a monthly fee for this access.

2. Build on curriculum. With this option you’d use a curriculum (Example: an ebook you’ve written or purchase licensing to sell) as the basis of your coaching. Create short assignments to complete and allow coaching clients to ask questions about the content of the curriculum as well as assistance in completing the homework.

3. Start an eclass. Another coaching possibility you have at your disposal is to put together a 4-6 week “eclass”. An “eclass” is a time restricted, interactive, curriculum-driven course of study on a specialized topic. Click here for more details.

With any of these options, you can easily charge $297 – $2997 per month … and people will pay these premium prices because they are getting the much wanted interaction with someone who can help them see results.

That’s how you dramatically increase your profit. Instead of selling $17 ebooks you can sell $1700 eclasses! It would take 100 sales of a $17 ebook to equal 1 sale of a $1700 eclass. Which do you think is easiest to find … 1 customer or 100 customers?

If you’d like more information on starting your own high-profit eclass, I’ve got great news…

Let Me Work With You One-On-One And At The End Of Just Five Days You Will Have A Product To Sell for $97-$497!

In fact, all you need is ten pages of content and an email account to create this product! It’s so simple that virtually anyone can do it. Especially with my personalized, one-on-one coaching. By the end of our five days together, you will have your very own signature product to sell for a minimum of $97 per order.

Together we choose all the important details for your class (topic, title, and type) to set you up for success, creatively outline and organize “in-demand” content for your class, write a mere 10-pages of content that can be sold for $97-$497 (I’ll show you how!), setup your web site so you are ready to begin taking orders instantly, and learn insider tricks and tips for getting your class done right the first time.

You will receive a step-by-step curriculum, daily assignment to complete for me to “grade”, and a personal Q&A session with me!

Due to the personal interaction with me, there are only 50 spots available. Once they are sold out, they are gone. I can only take 50 students since I’ll be personally interacting with you EVERY DAY for this coaching class.

Get all the details at InfoCoach 5-Day Personal Coaching Program

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