Rare Opportunity: Sell $67 Course & Keep 100% – Only 100 PLR Licenses Available

Everyone has a “trouble” spot with their internet business.

Whether it’s not getting enough traffic, not building a big enough list, not being able to convince affiliates to promote them, not being able to overcome a technical problem or any a hundred other things, EVERYONE has a “trouble” spot that hurts their business.

I do. Other “gurus” do. You do. We all do.

Sometimes we don’t know how to do something. Other times we don’t have time to do something. And other times we just don’t want to do something.

What separates those who fail and those who succeed is not a lack of “trouble” spots, but rather the knowledge of how to handle those things that we struggle with.

The solution: get someone else to do it.

When my car tears up, I go to a mechanic. When I’ve got the flu, I see a doctor. If my son wants to learn golf, I get a golf pro to teach him a lesson.

If I’m too busy, have a lack of knowledge or just don’t want to do it myself, I don’t just let it go undone … I outsource it.

The same is said of my business. Whenever I find something that I can’t figure out (like script installations!) or don’t have time to handle on my own (like customer support) or plain old just don’t want to do it (like administrative setup stuff) I find someone else to do it.

You can do the same thing. Better still you can show others how to do the same thing and get PAID $67 per order!

A few months ago Jimmy D. Brown released a new course entitled the H.A.N.D.S. Free Formula… the ultimate course on the subject of outsourcing. It converted very well and got RAVE reviews. But Jimmy was busy developing projects to launch in January 2012 and he put the course on the back burner. When he retired all of his existing products as part of his business restart last month, it was among them.

Point being: the market is WIDE OPEN for sales of this course.

That’s a good thing for YOU … because you can now sell the course for $67 per order and keep 100% of every sale you make!

Jimmy has released PLR licensing to the course (along with the bonuses, presell report, marketing package, etc.)

You can read all about it at:
Outsourcing Your Entire Business Mega PLR Course

This is an incredible opportunity for a mid-range course that you can sell yourself. It includes PLR (private label rights) licensing to…

  • The 62-page main manual
  • Sales letter, formatted in HTML
  • All 7 bonuses
  • Package of ezine articles
  • 24-page presell report
  • Solo mailing

But – there’s a catch…

Jimmy has a STRICT LIMIT on the number of licenses being sold. Only 100 licenses will ever be sold to this amazing package!

Get all the details at:
Outsourcing Your Entire Business Mega PLR Course

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