Moms Want Content – Give it to Them

Moms Want Content – Give it to Them

Statistics show women control the purse strings in the household budgets and they’re spending a great deal of that budget online. A large percentage of these women are moms turning to the net for information on all sorts of household and parenting issues.

Most of these moms don’t necessarily go online with the view to buy a specific product. In many cases they’re just looking for information first, whether it be information on how to teach their toddler to potty train, how to stop sibling rivalry or how to cook nutritious meals for their family, moms want and are looking for information.

“What Moms want [online] is information,” says Ken Goldstein, EVP and Managing Director of Disney Online.

Give them the information they’re looking for and you’re tapping into an enormous market: there are 31 million moms online, and they’re spending more time online than they are watching TV (13.2 hours/week vs. 7.6 hours/week).

Whatever your online business is, you’ll want to make sure you’re marketing to the lucrative mom market, and the number one way by far to reach moms on the net is to provide the high quality content and information they’re looking for.

Eliminate hype and ultra-creative ads

Moms don’t want to see how clever you are, Goldstein says. “It’s not Superbowl advertising. It’s clear messages, features and benefits, and more about information than entertainment.”

That’s right, moms are practical creatures. We want to know exactly why we should use certain products, how it works and most importantly will it work for us. A sure way to do this is by providing quality content first and then and only then presenting your sales offer.

And make no mistake; moms are not only practical they’re smart. They’ll spot a sales pitch a mile away and all it takes is one click and they’re gone. However, approach a mom online the right way and she can be one of your most loyal customers for life.

Always, concentrate on providing practical, quality information first. Provide informative articles, real life product reviews, and don’t forget to list product features and benefits (include the down points too). Get these things right and you’ll tap into one of the biggest spending powers on the net, moms.

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