Mobilize Your Passive Income by Creating & Selling Information Products

Mobilize Your Passive Income by Creating & Selling Information Products

If knowledge is power, then selling information products is your one-way ticket to the top. With little to no overhead, zero production costs, and no inventory to maintain or keep track of, selling information can be a highly profitable venture for both you and your business.

As every entrepreneur knows all too well, one of the biggest hurdles for any business is having access to readily available capital. In today’s economic downturn, it can be nearly impossible to gain the funds one needs to both grow and sustain a business. However, if you are looking for new and inventive ways to either start a business or keep your current business afloat, selling information products is not only cost effective, but can prove to be highly profitable.

Creating information products is as simple as sharing what you know with others. The key to selling information products is to identify your audience and provide them with attractive opportunities to not only purchase your info products, but put them to good use with up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

For example, if you are a web developer and your main focus is selling your services, you may want to consider creating a “how to” guide for writing html code. If you are a software engineer who sells to small and mid-size businesses, you may want to create a user manual to go along with your information product. The real key to success with selling information products is not only what you know, but how you deliver it. Make your knowledge work for you.

Package your information product in such a way that is enticing to your customers. Offer a “tease” of information along with the purchase of your product. Once they have gotten a taste of your information product, it will be easier to sell them the rest of the story.

You may also want to consider selling information products to industry partners and peers in addition to clients and customers. This is a great way to increase your profit-making potential while sharing knowledge with others in your line of work.

A great tip for getting started selling information products is to start out by offering an information product for free. Yes, the ugly four-letter word. But “free” does not have to be synonymous with “no profit”. In fact, by offering a free information product, you will not only prove to your customers just how knowledgeable you are, but you will entice them to want to learn more. Consider your first free offering an investment – a relatively cheap investment considering the fact that you did not have to invest any capital to create it.

The great news is that when creating and selling information products online, the possibilities are endless. From ebooks and ezines, to newsletters, articles and electronic reports, information products are easy to create, cheap to produce, and free to deliver. By using something as simple as email or a quick and easy downloadable file, you can increase your revenue stream simply by sharing what you know. The power is literally at your fingertips.

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