List Building Magic – 5 Winning Ways to Build Your List Fast

1. Create an Awesome Squeeze Page — Your squeeze page should be very simple and give your visitors only one option, which is to sign up for your Newsletter. Your squeeze page should be clean, with few graphics, and remember to sell benefits of signing up. They want to know what do they get for signing up, and why should they sign up. Tell them what the benefits are for signing up for your newsletter. Tell your visitors on your squeeze page the what, why, when, where and how to sign up for your newsletter by letting them know what they get when they do.

2. Offer Freebies — Offer something of value in exchange for your visitor signing up for your email list. Give them something valuable that is a good representation of your work such as: a free report, free eBook, free templates, free widgets, free graphics, free how-to guide, free video tutorial, free sample, free ecourse, in addition to, your free newsletter which will be of course, full of more valuable freebies.

3. Use Pay Per Click — One of the very best uses of pay per click advertising is with list building. If you want to build your list fast you will need to invest in pay per click advertising. Make sure you have dealt with the issues above in terms of your squeeze page and freebies first then explore using Facebook ads and Google adwords which are very easy to break into with a low cost of entry. In fact if you’ve never tried Google adwords before, sign up with Google Places and you’ll quickly receive free coupons in the mail.

4. Cross Promote — Promote your email list sign up deals across all marketing efforts, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media including your blog. Don’t forget to put an opt in list on your website too. Ask subscribers to pass on your newsletter to others and consider sharing “Thank You” space with those who offer complementary services. For instance if you know someone who sales a complementary service or product to yours ask if you can put your newsletter sign up box in their thank you page and do the same for them.

5. Deliver Quality — Once you get people to sign up for your list, and you give them your freebie, make sure you keep them on your list by delivering quality content that your subscribers can use, this can be content you create yourself, hire a ghostwriter to write for you, or high quality PLR articles that you modify to suit your needs. It is less expensive to keep a subscriber than find a subscriber so be very appreciative of those who stick around to actually read your messages, and participate in your community by taking the time to give them above par quality.

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