Is a Greeting Card Business for Me?

Is a Greeting Card Business for Me?

Did you know that the greeting card industry is a 7.5 billion dollar per year business in the United States alone (it is also estimated that American families purchase an average of 35 greeting cards each year and 80% of these purchases are made by women)? That’s an awful lot of purchasing going on! That just goes to show that if you have ever wondered if you could have your own business selling greeting cards there’s definitely room for you. It’s a matter of finding a specific target market or niche to sell to.

How do I know if a greeting card business is right for me or not?

Do you enjoy bringing a smile to someone’s face? Do you have a personality that draws you to people and you’re able to make connections with them easily? Are you a great writer? Do you like designing artistic things?

If you answered yes to those questions then having your own greeting card business would be perfect. But maybe you aren’t a great writer or just don’t enjoy it. Or you aren’t such a great artist. That’s ok too. There are still opportunities for you.

The biggest key to having a successful greeting card business is your uniqueness. You have to stand apart from the rest of the designers out there. That will be easier to do if you aren’t trying to be something to everybody. You need to focus in on a specific niche of people that you want to reach with your cards. This is also where your writing and art work (if you have those skills) comes into play. This will definitely provide you with a leg up over the rest of your competition. There are always going to be people that are looking for more personalized greeting cards than just something ‘generic’ they can pick up at a local store.

So now you might be thinking well ok I don’t have writing skills that I would want to put to use to try to write my own greeting cards. And I’m not an artist but I still love the idea of being able to have my own greeting card business and being a part of the joy people have when it comes to receiving cards. That’s where joining a company like would benefit you.

There are many things to learn about having your own greeting card business before taking the plunge. Grab your copy of Mom’s Talk Biz Guide to Starting Your Own Greeting Card Business. The guide will provide you with all the information you need to get started and even gives you some business tips like time management, how you can save time by hiring contractors and advertising ideas just to name a few!

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