Information Sells: How to Use Content to Sell More Products

Information Sells: How to Use Content to Sell More Products
By Alice Seba & Annette Elton

Unlike offline, when you run a business on the web, words often speak louder than actions. What your potential customers read is what will ultimately determine if those people make the decision to buy from you.

When you hear the phrase, “content is king,” don’t make the mistake of creating content for content’s sake. Content is great and the extra traffic it can bring is a bonus. You just need to make sure you’re making the most of it. Here’s some tips for making the most of your content.

Show them what to do and what tools they need to get the job done.

Readers love “How to” articles and you can create some great content around showing people how to do certain things. As you create these types of articles, give enough detail so they know what they should do and also recommend the tools that will help them get the job done.

Add your product promotions wisely

Don’t end your article with “Buy Here” or “Visit” People have a tendency to scan an article before reading and if they see wording that looks like you are selling something right off the bat, they either ignore it or will immediately move on. So, don’t give them instructions to buy, instead use phrases like “Further Recommended Reading”, “Further Recommended Study” or “Learn More”.

We find keeping it highly informative sounding inspires plenty of click-throughs and sales. If you sound like a used car salesman, they may not believe a word you say. Inspire confidence in your knowledge and your recommendations

Include links to your products within your articles.

Some article directories don’t allow promotions within an article, but subtle promotions in the middle of an article are often the most powerful, so make sure to sell in the articles you publish on your site and when submitting to other publishers that do allow links in the body of your article.

Provide incentive to other to publish your articles.

If you’re distributing your articles for publication, ALWAYS allow people to substitute your links with their affiliate links in your article. It’s an extra incentive for them to publish your article over someone else’s.

Whatever you do, ensure every piece of content you create and publish serves a purpose. Whether it’s to get people to sign up for a mailing list, recommend a product through an affiliate link or sell more of your own product – don’t be shy about letting your content do that for you.

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