How to use PLR Reports to Build Your Mailing List

One of the most effective uses for PLR, or Private Label Rights, Reports is to use them to build your mailing list. As you probably already know, your mailing list is the key to long term business success. It’s a direct connection to people who are interested in your products or services.

PLR reports make it easy to build your list and there are a number of ways you can use them. Here are five commonly used strategies for using PLR reports to build your list.

1. Give them away as an opt-in offer. This is probably the most common way to use a PLR report to build your list. Simply rebrand the report, add a few personal touches to make it your own and then add it to your opt-in offer. You can use one report to build your list or promise subscribers a monthly report delivered via email or download link.

2. Use PLR reports for article marketing and drive traffic to your opt-in form. This is a less common though just as valuable method to build your list with PLR. Instead of using the report as a whole, take it apart. Create a few articles from the report. Publish them on article directories. Include a link to your opt in/squeeze page in your author’s resource box. You can then give away the report or another offer in exchange for their email address.

3. eBook giveaway. If you truly want to offer a ton of value to your prospects, consider combining several PLR reports into a value packed ebook. Ebooks can be great giveaways. And if you add affiliate and promotional links throughout the book you can make money while building your list.

4. Online learning. Partition your PLR reports into an autoresponder course. Many people enjoy learning online. In fact, it’s a growing trend. You can use your PLR report to create an online course delivered via autoresponder. Take the report apart and offer it in segments or lessons. Offer the course on your website as part of your opt-in. You can also add promotional messages to some autoresponder messages to boost income and conversions.

5. Guest Blog. Use portions of the report as guest blog posts or guest newsletter articles and send readers to your opt-in form for more information. This strategy is similar to the article directory strategy. However, instead of publishing portions of the report on article directories you publish them as guest blog posts. You could also write newsletter content for a complimentary website. In both instances be sure to include a link to your opt-in form so you build your list.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. There is no end to the many ways you can use top quality PLR reports to build your list. Of course you know that not all PLR is created equal. You and your prospects deserve the best quality available. Check out Melissa Ingold’s Monthly PLR Report Club. Build your list with the best.

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