How To Increase Your Website Sales Conversions Guaranteed!

How To Increase Your Website Sales Conversions Guaranteed!

Improving your copywriting is a key factor in increasing your websites sales conversions. Ideally you want to use proven techniques that will grab the readers attention and persuade them to buy your product.

The good news is there’s a “super” easy and extremely simple way of doing this… add testimonials to your website.

People respond well to what other people say about a product.

This kind of credibility is essential because the person giving the testimonial purchased the product and obviously got a benefit from it. Plus that person is not being paid to say they liked the product or to talk the product up.

Testimonials add validity to your offer and in turn increase sales conversions…

They give your offer that “personal touch” that you simply could not do by yourself.

People will rarely say they like something if they don’t, so this makes testimonials extremely believable.

When you use testimonials on your website be sure to include a name, location and possibly their website address because this helps to make your testimonials more believable.

Getting testimonials is easy when you know how.

Here are 2 quick ways you can begin collecting testimonials right away…

1. Send an email to your customers and ask them for a testimonial.

2. Set up an autoresponder your customers are automatically subscribed to where you ask for a testimonial.

Here’s how you can put testimonial requests on autopilot…

Add messages to your customer autoresponder that help them consume your product, then after a few weeks ask them for a testimonial.

If you’re just starting out you may not have any testimonials just yet. Whatever you do do not make them up! Falsifying testimonials is a bad idea. What you should do instead is to wait until you get feedback and then add it to your copy as soon as you can. The sooner you can increase your website sales conversions through the use of testimonials the better.

Ideally your testimonials need to say one (or all) of these 3 things:

1. Highlight specific benefits gained from using your product
2. Specific results gained from using your product
3. The experience gained from doing business with you

Testimonials can be highly effective if you choose the right ones. Don’t just settle for anything, just to get testimonials on your copy.

It’s far better to wait for the ones that will be effective and help with your website sales conversions instead of just using whatever you can find.

The best places to add your testimonials are at the top of your website near your headline, in the middle of your page, at the bottom of the page and on your order page.

Testimonials work on the same basis as word of mouth advertising. Word of mouth advertising works well because of that trust factor.

All the experts agree that people are more likely to listen and respond to what a typical customer has to say about your product then anything you have to say.

Here’s how to “turbo-charge” the power of your testimonials (and your sales conversions)…

simply include a picture of the person who wrote it. This works extremely well because it adds to the believability of the testimonial.

The bottom line is this… testimonials can and do “significantly” boost your website sales conversions.

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