How to Get More Clients and Showcase Your Expertise Using Virtual Presentations

Virtual presentations are a fantastic way to enhance your current offerings. Whether you’re a coach, affiliate marketer, or blogger if you’re involved in teaching others anything you can bring in more money and establish yourself even more as an expert in your niche with virtual presentations. Also known as webinars, and teleseminars, these presentations can be accomplished anywhere with an Internet connection using technology that enables you to have participants. By following the ten steps below you’ll have an excellent presentation showcasing your expertise.

1. Know The Objective — What do you want to teach the participants? What do you want to sell the participants? You’ll need to ask yourself a few questions such as what problems do I solve for my target audience? And, What fears does my audience have that I can address? Answering these questions may lead you to a product you already have that you can base your virtual presentation on, or it might lead you to create entirely new content.

2. Learn The Technology — Never underestimate how confusing even the best and most simple technology can become when you are nervous about doing a presentation. Things that are simple can become nerve wracking and confusing when you’re preoccupied with presenting. So learn the technology and consider hiring a consultant to help you pull off your event in order to have a super successful experience with your first virtual presentation.

3. Write Down A Task List — You’ll need to start from the date you want to deliver the presentation and work your way backwards toward today to make yourself a task list of everything you need to accomplish and do before the big day. Don’t underestimate the power of such a task list to ensuring success.

4. Invite Others — You can take the pressure off yourself by asking other presenters to do the virtual presentation with you. Ensure that they offer complimentary products and services to yours but don’t duplicate what you do. Otherwise, you’ll lose sales. If you pick someone complimentary to you, you’ll both gain in terms of being exposed to each other’s markets.

5. Create Content — Get to work on the content to create a super professional and visually pleasing presentation. During a webinar you can share your desktop so you can use pictures and PowerPoint and even go to the web to demonstrate various ideas. Be creative so that your participants don’t get bored.

6. Market — Your marketing should start before all your content is even finished. Once you have a basic outline of your presentation you can start creating marketing materials to get the word out there. Market everywhere that your target audience participates and resides.

7. Remind — Once you get people signing up for your virtual presentation send out regular reminders, promotions, bonuses, and more to keep them active. Many people who sign up for webinars forget to go, so to lower that chance try to send them something they’ll be glad to get each day, building up their excitement about the main event.

8. Practice, Practice, Practice — You’ve heard it before but you have to practice to ensure success. Don’t practice reading your presentation or you’ll sound like a robot. Instead, have some points on the presentation and know your material enough to simply talk about it. You’ll feel more relaxed if you do it in this manner too. The important thing is to understand the technology and what you’ll cover.

9. Interact — During the event ensure that you Interact with the participants as often as possible. This will keep them truly tuned in rather than off surfing the web.

10. Follow up — Even when the presentation is over, your job is not done. Send the participants a survey, and send everyone a recording of the event. This way you will get information from participants about what they’d like to see in another presentation, and the people who missed the event will view it and be sad they missed out on the door prices and unannounced bonuses.

By following these ten steps you’ll have a very successful virtual presentation that will showcase your expertise and make you more money.

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