How To Get An Instant Traffic Surge To Your Site

By Jimmy D. Brown of Traffic F.U.E.L.

There’s no question that building an affiliate program is THE best way to get a lot of free traffic to your web site.

And, if you spend any amount of time at all reading through the materials here, you’ll find a lot of useful ideas for finding affiliates to grow your program.

But, here is an affiliate idea that will absolutely take your traffic and sales to the next level.

Let me give it to you in it’s abbreviated form first, and then I’ll explain everything you need to know to quickly get it implemented.

You ready for this?

Here goes…

“Find a motivated ‘affiliate manager’ and pay them 50% of all your profits”

Now, I know what you’re thinking – why in the world would I pay someone HALF of all of my profit?

I’m about to explain it to you. And believe me, this is worth the read, so pay careful attention to what I’m about to explain to you.

This is good.

It works like this…

1. Setup a separate website to process orders.

To begin with, you’ll need to setup a separate website to process all of the orders that your “affiliate manager” brings in (along with all sales generated by the affiliates he recruits for you)

In other words, you register a new domain that is similar to the title of your existing domain, and you host that site.nt for processing all of the orders and managing your new affiliate program that your “manager” will be overseeing.

This is a completely separate account from your existing one. All orders generated through this account will be completely brought in by your affiliate manager and affiliates / partners he recruits.

Now, obviously, your affiliate manager will want to monitor sales stats to see how much profit is being generated to this Clickbank account. You’ve got two options for how you allow your affiliate manager access…

Get full access to the control panel. Your first option is to allow your affiliate manager complete access to the control panel at Clickbank in order to monitor stats. I highly recommend that you ONLY do this if your affiliate manager is someone you know well and find completely trustworthy. Once someone has access to your Clickbank account, they can, in effect, take control of the account. Use this option with extreme caution.

Give email access and screenshots. The other option is to setup a forwarding email address that sends the sales notifications from Clickbank to both of your email accounts. This will allow your affiliate manager to get notified when any sale is generated so they can verify sales and profits. Additionally, at the end of each pay period, you could take screenshots of the Clickbank control panel or scan the check you receive from Clickbank when sending your affiliate manager’s half of the profits received.em on to your affiliate manager to use with the affiliates he has recruited for the separate program.

Hint: Encourage him to create his own unique materials, incentives, and contests for his own affiliates as well!

What an incredible traffic-generation idea!

You get…

* 50% of all profits from this separate site!

* A growing database of affiliates!

* A growing opt-in list!

All in all, this is one of THE best ways to grow your business … without lifting a finger!

Traffic Fuel

Jimmy D. Brown is the publisher of Traffic Jam newsletter and the owner of Traffic F.U.E.L. membership site. Drop by today to learn how to get completely free traffic to any website. Get your free traffic newsletter here.

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