How to Cash-in During the Busy Holiday Shopping Season

Think your clients don’t want to buy from you during the holidays? If you’re teaching your market anything new, then you’re wrong. Very wrong. No matter what niche you’re in, whether it’s coaching, affiliate marketing, or blogging if you spend any time at all on teaching your clients anything, the holidays is an excellent time to give them something super special.

People love gifts, and they love saving money, buying your products will be no different. In fact, with good planning, your holiday sales may even outpace the sales of the rest of the year. Remember, people are working less during the holidays. That means they’re more likely to be in front of their computer looking at what you have to offer! They’re also looking and searching for gifts online so that they don’t have to go to the store. They’re almost a captive audience.

Consider the fact that bookstores, like other retail merchants, make most of their profit during the holiday season, from October through December. If you create information products of any kind, then you most certainly should be creating something special for the holidays to cash in on the online shopping craze.

After all, what is a book other than information? Online sales during the holidays have gone through the roof and are outpacing bricks and mortar stores. Just because you don’t sell a physical product, does not mean you can’t still offer awesome digital products and online services for sale during the holidays.

To create an outstanding holiday worthy information product consider a few factors such as:

Your Audience – As usual, it’s important to know who you are creating a product for. If you know your audience inside and out you can create products that answer their questions and relieve their fears. For instance, a “resolutions for whatever niche” can be a great addition to your information product offerings.

Past Offerings – During the year if you’ve offered any new products consider bounding them all together for a big holiday blow out sale, never to be as inexpensive again! People love getting a deal, and if anyone has been on the fence for some of your products during the rest of the year, they’re sure to buy if the deal is good enough.

Your Audience’s Audience – What does your audience need for their audience? Perhaps you can create brandable reports and products that your audience can turn around and use for their audience with just a few simple changes?

By putting together a holiday information product to promote during the holidays you will reap many benefits which I’m sure you’re aware, such as building authority, promoting your brand, enhance your reputation, and showcase your knowledge. Additionally, a holiday promotion of your new information product will attract more clients and future clients to your business as you position yourself as an expert in your niche. You’ll stand out from the crowd by not waiting the holidays out.

There are many ways to create information products. You can start from scratch and create a new information product by writing it yourself, or you can take the easy way with Melissa Ingold’s Private Label Rights Content & Marketing Packages.

Melissa Ingold has been selling PLR packages since 2007 and she is one of the best in the industry. Her high-quality PLR content makes it super easy for you to create and launch a new product, build your mailing list, or get your affiliates promoting you. Her packages come with everything you need to get up and running fast, including, reports, articles, emails, sales letter, squeeze page, graphics, and so much more!

So basically, with PLR you’ll buy an information product already done for you, and then you’ll simply alter it to fit your niche and your style.

However you decide to do it, creating and marketing an information product during the holidays will increase your profits more than you may realize. During the holidays more people are online, shopping (of course), and you want your offerings to be front and center so that you can cash in on the online holiday shopping craze.

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