How To Build A Huge & Profitable List From Scratch

How To Build A Huge & Profitable List From Scratch

If you’re anything like me… then you know how vitally important it is to have your own list of subscribers if you want to make a full-time living online.

Not only can you make far more money by having your own house list of subscribers, but you can also use your list as a tool to gain leverage and credibility with other marketers.

So with these reasons in mind, I decided to purchase Super List Building System, by Lee McIntyre.

Now, this isn’t just any old guide on how to build a profitable list of subscribers. It’s an 8 DVD boxed-set and is packed full of the exact same techniques used by Lee McIntyre to build his online business so quickly.

And when I say quick… I mean quick!

If you haven’t heard of Lee McIntyre before, then it’s really worth checking out his fascinating story.

As a beginner, he created quite a stir in the internet marketing scene, back in June 2007. And during his first 30 days online he made exactly $7,230.95 in clear profits from his first product and subsequently went on to quit his job in only his second month online. Before 6 months was up he’d already built his online business to the point where it was making a steady 6 figure salary of over $20,000 per month.

Not bad for a beginner who was also working 60 hours a week as a high school teacher during his first 2 months online!

So how can Lee’s Super List Building System help you?

To sum it up in one sentence: Lee’s Super List Building System will show you how to quickly build a profitable mailing list of 1000+ subscribers in 30 days… and then how to use your initial list as a foundation to build the rest of your business.

Lee shows you how to do all this by revealing his entire business model in 6 stages. And each stage is broken down into explicit step-by-step instructions designed to be completed comfortably over the course of one week. That’s one week per stage. So if you follow Lee’s model exactly, then there’s a very good chance you’ll have a profit-pulling internet business on your hands in six weeks or less.

Interestingly, in the Super List Building System, Lee also also shows you how to build your list with only one form of traffic generation — one that gives you the biggest return on your time invested… and allows you to attract the highest quality subscribers to your list.

Lee also goes into detail about what most marketers are doing wrong when it comes to email marketing, and why the model many of the big name marketers use only leads to reader disengagement… and therefore simply doesn’t work for beginner marketers. As well as this, he also dispels the 3 biggest email marketing lies that many gurus are teaching to jaded beginners who aren’t seeing the results they’ve been promised — and how to turn things around in favour beginner marketer who’s just starting out.

Bottom line: if you’re looking to build your online business as quickly as possible and start earning a full-time income online, then Lee McIntyre’s Super List Building System is definitely for you. Also, if you’re already trying to build your list of subscribers but finding it to be a slow, drawn out process… or if you already have a decent size list but can’t seem to make much profit from it, then the answers your need are inside the Super List Building System.

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