Holiday Marketing for Holiday Cash

The holidays aren’t just for bricks and mortar stores anymore. They’re also for smart online professionals whose target audience is other businesses. The proliferation of online businesses such as blogging, affiliate marketing and coaching has created a need for good holiday products directed toward these particular markets. In fact, finding ways to cash in on the holiday online shopping craze is becoming an essential element to compete during the holidays as well as add to your yearly profits.

Regardless of which niche you’re in, if your market consists of other business owners, you need to create information products of interest to your target audience and market them as holiday specials. Don’t think that the holidays are a hard time to sell just because you’re not selling trinkets or sweet smelling candles. Your clients want to buy from you all year long. By giving them specials, or brand-new information products, you’re getting them while they’re already in the shopping mood.

Some great ideas to market to your audience during the holidays are:

Percents Off Holiday Specials – Take some of your tried and true information products, group them together in a new way, and then give a percents off coupon to use during the holiday season. People like to save money, and saving money during the holidays is even better, because it gives them that much more money to spend on other holiday merchandise.

Gifts and Premiums for your Audience’s Market – Who does your market serve? What would they enjoy giving to their customers? Create a new information product that appeals to the various niches your customers are involved in. Make it a special brandable report that they can personalize and use for their audience. You’ll save your customer time during the holidays by giving them something ready made for their own clients.

Pre-book for next year during the holidays – Sell your highest value product today at a discount, “before prices rise in the new year”. Whether you’re filling coaching spots, classes, or a membership site, the New Year usually means prices go up. Why not sell tomorrow’s spots at today’s lower prices? Your client will get an opportunity to lock in their price, and you could pre-book all your time (such as with coaching) before the year even starts!

Combine Charity with Profit – Most businesses donate to a charity or two during the holidays or directly after the holiday season. You can do it too. Simply state, prominently and loudly, that you’ll donate a percentage of profits to xyz charity for every purchase of your information product made. Make a big deal about it. Have a webinar, blog about it, Tweet it, send out a press release and get your affiliates in on it by having a contest.

Remember, people are already spending money during the holidays. Once the spending starts, people are simply looser with their wallet than normal. It’s important that you capitalize on the freer spending that happens during the holidays by offering something truly wonderful to your customers. They’ll really appreciate it, and your sales will skyrocket. Plan ahead, and go all out on the effort and you won’t be sorry.

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