Give Special Reports To Your Affiliates To Use

Affiliates use a variety of methods to promote products online. Some run email campaigns or promote through weekly or monthly newsletters. Others maintain websites that provide informative or fun content or product reviews. Still others discuss and recommend products through their blogs.

One thing that works no matter how promoted online is the special report. Special reports can be written on any subject imaginable, then given away online to promote products. Many smart affiliate managers write these reports, and then allow their affiliates to brand them and give them to their site visitors or members of their mailing lists in an attempt to get sales. It works.

What Should I Write a Report About?

Write a special report about anything that is closely related to the product. It could present a problem that can be solved by your product. If you are selling a fairly common product, it could detail new ways of using it or how to get the most out of it.

It is important to provide information that potential customers can use and will enjoy reading. Write a report that is just an advertisement for the product in disguise, readers will see through it. Give them something that they can use, they will be more inclined to listen to your message and possibly buy the product.

What If I’m Not a Good Writer?

No one has to have a master’s degree in English to write a special report. All you need is a conversational writing style and a good command of spelling and grammar. If spelling and grammar are not your strong points, you can always use a spell checker and a proofreader.

If you really don’t want to write your own report, hire someone to do it. There are plenty of freelance writers out there who would be happy to put together a report. They might even be willing to come up with a topic if you can’t get past that part of it. If you are not in a financial position to pay a writer, you may want to look into getting private label rights reports that allow you to give the reports to your affiliates to promote your products. One such place is the Special Report Club.

What Is Branding?

Branding is simply adding the individual affiliate’s links to the report so that they will get credit for sales resulting from their distribution of the report. This can be accomplished using the program used to create the report. There are also free software programs that can add in affiliate links for some third-party affiliate managers. Use them to brand reports for affiliates, or offer them to the affiliates so that they may do it themselves.

Branded special reports are a great asset to affiliates. By distributing the report and allowing others to do so as well can increase their sales. That is beneficial to everyone involved.

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