Free Report: How to Run Your Business in 60 Minutes per Day ($17 of Value) + Special Offer Until Dec 7 Only

One of the major stumbling blocks that most internet marketers face is not having a clear “day by day” plan for running their business.

They may have a general idea of what they need to accomplish, but they don’t have a real schedule that they can refer to Monday through Friday in order to get and stay on track.

Even for those that do manage to get something like this in place, they often aren’t very efficient in their weekly set of activities. The result is spending more time working than they need.

Jimmy D. Brown has created a manual entitled, “How To Run Your Business In 60 Minutes Per Day”. It’s 24 pages long and is a very practical look at how to setup your weekly schedule. It is especially heavy on being productive as you get others to do a lot of the work for you.

While he could easily charge $10-$15 for the manual, he’d like to offer it to you as a complimentary gift. No list to join. No hoops to jump through. You don’t even have to say “thank you” if you don’t want to do so. :)

You can download the manual (for a limited time) at: How To Run Your Business In 60 Minutes Per Day

NOTE: At the top of the page will be a rectangular box with the download link in it.

Special Offer Information – Until December 7, 2011 Only

While you’re there, take a look at the substantial discount for the H.A.N.D.S. Free Formula course. The regular price is $67 but it’s available for just $27 until Wednesday, November 7th at midnight as part of Jimmy’s year-end closeout sale. At that time the course will be removed from the Internet and no longer available publicly at any price.

Not only will you receive the huge discount on the course, but you’ll also receive 7 bonuses with your order today:

  1. Special Report: Getting The Most Out Of Your Virtual Team.
  2. Checklist: Your Outsourcing Checklist.
  3. Guide: A Quick Review Of Outsourcing Vendor Sites.
  4. Special Report: Getting Great Deals From Outsource Staff.
  5. Special Report: Finding The Best Assistants For Your Needs.
  6. Special Report: How To Use Fiverr For Best Results
  7. Special Report: The H.A.N.D.S. Free Formula 31-Day Guide To Outsourcing.

Drop by today for the free manual and the great price with all the bonuses at: H.A.N.D.S. Free Formula

REMEMBER: The free report, course and special pricing with bonuses will only be available until Wednesday, December 7th at midnight. At that time it will be removed from the Internet and no longer publicly available at ANY price.

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