Five Characteristics of a Good Bookkeeper

Five Characteristics of a Good Bookkeeper

Before we start talking about a bookkeeping business let’s distinguish between a bookkeeper and an accountant. A lot of people interchange the words bookkeeper and accountant often times not realizing they are two different things. In reality they are two very different things.

For the most part a bookkeeper doesn’t have a college degree in accounting where as an accountant does. A bookkeeper does more basic type duties such as data entering. This can include things like creating and mailing invoices to the customer, entering bills, paying bills and processing payroll data.

An accountant is going to handle the more detailed oriented type tasks. They will take care of handling expenses that have occurred but haven’t been entered by the bookkeeper. These entries will need to be adjusted by the accountant. An example of something like this would be bank loans (interest that has incurred since the last payment). Another example would be money earned (wages) by the employees of a company that will be paid next week. It could also include things like miscellaneous expenses, etc. There’s several different things. The other important aspect that the accountant will do that the bookkeeper doesn’t is they will prepare financial statements and work with upper management on understanding these things.

Now that we have distinguished a bookkeeper and an accountant let’s talk about a bookkeeping business and what makes a good bookkeeper. Here are five characteristics that a good bookkeeper should possess.

  • Enjoys working with numbers
  • Detail oriented
  • Time Management skills
  • Familiar with current technology
  • Analytical

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Bookkeeping Business


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