Earn More Revenue Giving Away Free Reports

It’s highly likely you’ve heard about using free reports to increase your newsletter sign ups, and increase sales. But, do you know why free means more money? Well, everyone loves getting high quality and useful information free. Plus, if the product is good enough, they will feel almost obligated to buy something of value from you. That is, if you do it right. Let’s go over one scenario of offering a free report and how you can encourage them to buy something, as well as help your report become viral.

First, create a high quality free report that is relevant and highly targeted to your ideal customer. Then you’ll need to create several pages on your website or blog to ensure that you get the most out of your freebie offer. You’ll need:

A Landing Page — This is sometimes called a squeeze page or a lead capture page. But essentially it’s the first thing they will see that is offering them the free report and it will have a form embedded that asks those who wish to get the free report for information such as name and email address.

Newsletter Software — You’ll need to have a mailing list set up, if you don’t have one already you can use a service like Aweber to get set up for minimal cost and no real coding knowledge. The software will generate the code you need for the form to embed in your landing page to collect the email addresses of those who wish to receive the free report.

A Thank You Page — You’ll also need a Thank You page. This page will often be a combination of a thank you and a download page, or a onetime offer page. The thank you page essentially says thanks for signing up for my newsletter and here is where you can download your free gift. Alternatively, it might instead also be an up sell page with the onetime offer. They can take the offer, or click no thank you to go directly to the thank you page/ download page.

A One Time Offer Page — This may be on its own or part of the thank you page, or even on the download page. I think it’s best to have the onetime offer page prior to the download page, but you might feel differently because you may want them to read your free report first, or at least see it and get it before up selling them. It’s up to you, but don’t pass up this opportunity to offer the reader something for a fee.

A Tell A Friend Page or Form — On the Thank You page or any page after the landing page it is helpful to offer a form that enables your readers to invite their friends to obtain the free report too. If you incentivize this by offering an addition free bonus item, or the ability to rebrand the free report with their own affiliate links you’ll get more shares, thus more traffic.

A Download Page — Finally, you’ll need a download page, sometimes more than one page depending upon whether they accept the up sell offer or not. The important thing is that the download page is hidden from view of search engines and given a name that isn’t searchable on Google. The download page offers a link to the product and maybe even more up sell offers.

Digital Download Technology — You can use a service like e-junkie or 1shoppingcart if you want, or you can just send people directly to the page after they double opt in via Aweber’s automatic email system. Using a service like e-junkie or 1shoppingcart enables you to have affiliates which can make your report go viral.

Rebranding Software — There are several types of rebranding software that you can obtain. This software allows you to offer rebrandable reports to your users. One such product is called Viral PDF, and it’s not very expensive.

Once you do all this, which you may actually be able to do in a week’s time if you already have a lot of content or private label rights content (PLR) that you can easily turn into a free report. You can get started quickly distributing your free report which will increase your newsletter subscriptions, and your website traffic, and you’ll eventually start earning more money, all from giving away a free report.

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