CPA Conversion Tip: Stretch your Thinking

CPA Conversion Tip: Stretch your Thinking

When driving traffic to your CPA campaigns, it’s important you don’t become “stale”. Sure, there are several very common strategies – and they’re widely used because they really work. But get yourself in the habit of thinking outside the box and around the corners a little. If you’re the sort of marketer who likes to know the what and how, get into the habit of looking for the “why” too.

Sometimes that “why” can spark brand new, truly unique ideas – new twists on old methods. And anything truly unique can really increase your CPA profits.

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For example, instead of considering different methods of cross-promotion separately, let’s link them..

Take your social networking. You can drive targeted site visitors to your landing pages, blogs and article using more than just Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget that Squidoo and Hub pages are social networks too. Some folk have gotten creative with Stumbleupon; yet others have found new networks such as FriendFeed.

And then there are other methods, such as video marketing too.

But whenever and wherever you are promoting your campaigns, never lose sight of one small but breathtaking fact: Every time you put out another promotion method – another article, video or Hub page – you are linking back from powerful, top search engine favored sources to your landing page. That is some pretty powerful back-linking!

So don’t just settle on one or two methods of promotion. Cross promote all you can – in as many areas as you can cover. Not only will you reach more potential targeted visitors… you’ll boost your position and page rank, quite naturally and quickly, in Google too.

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