Affiliate Marketing Takes Patience

By Susanne Myers A lot of people look into affiliate marketing each year. Quite a few of them sign up for an affiliate program and do at least something to promote that link. Some will take the extra step and set up a website or blog, but very few of us end up making a […]

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Niche Affiliate Marketing Can Be Your Ticket

By Laurie Neumann By now, we have probably all heard about affiliate marketing and how it can be a profitable business model. It’s also pretty easy and quick to get set up. So why don’t more people succeed in it? I think one reason is that people don’t “niche.” They choose products from all different […]

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Affiliate Niche Marketing With Short Reports

By Susanne Myers In a previous article I’ve shared how easy it is to turn articles into short reports. Now I’d like to show you how you can use said reports to grow your affiliate marketing business. That means we’re going to get more traffic, build our list and make more sales. Let’s dive right […]

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