Can I Track Links with Commission Junction?

Can I Track Links with Commission Junction?

One of my members recently asked, “I am really new with CJ (Commission Junction) and looking at my stats and wondering if there is a way to see which links are getting the clicks? I really am trying to track what is working and what isnt. I did get a new sale which is GREAT but I want to learn more about CJ.”

Good for you on trying to track things. Knowing exactly where your sales come from allows you to improve your offers to your website visitors and subscribers..and you can dramatically increase your profits by tracking.

CJ doesn’t specifically track where links are coming from, but you can definitely track with CJ. All you need to do is go into your account and click on “Account” in the top menu on the left

Then choose “Website Settings” and click “Add a New Website”. You can just put a descriptive name there that will help you track where your clicks and sales are coming from.

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