Best Practices for Using Private Label Rights Articles

by CindyBidar

Grocery stores do it. Vitamin supplement sellers do it. Even appliance manufacturers do it. And now online business owners are taking advantage of this low-cost product creation method as well. I’m talking about using private label merchandise.

If you’ve ever bought store-brand canned goods, blue jeans, or a refrigerator, you probably are aware of how private label rights works. Basically, the store buys a product – let’s use ice cream as an example – and pays the manufacturer to place the store’s label on the item. They are buying the right to sell another manufacturer’s item as their own. It’s a proven way of lowering manufacturing costs and increasing profits, and as an Internet marketer, you’re missing out if you’re not taking advantage of private label rights content.

How PLR Works

Just like in our ice cream example, when you buy PLR you buy the right to call it your own. You don’t have to worry about giving attribution to the author, or providing a link back to his or her site. You don’t have to – and probably shouldn’t – even acknowledge that the article began life as PLR. In other words, you can get lots of content for your website or blog at a low price, and with very little work.

Read the License

Before buying – or using – private label rights content, be sure to read the license. Most sellers place very few restrictions on how their products are used, though there are a few standard rules you need to consider. Typically, you can do anything you like with PLR, including rewriting it, adding your name as the author, changing the format, combining it with other articles to make a longer work, or breaking a long piece into smaller parts.

What you generally cannot do with PLR is resell it as PLR, although there are some sellers who allow this as well. Again, make sure you read the license, and when in doubt, ask the seller about any specific usages you’re not sure of.

Change the Content

Once you’ve purchased your private label rights articles, it’s important that you change them to suit your writing style and content needs. You may have purchased the highest-quality PLR available, but it still is not written with your unique audience in mind.

Start by rewriting the title. The title’s job is to get site visitors to read the article. It must provide a compelling synopsis of the article itself, with a clear reason to keep reading. It’s also a good idea to include the primary keyword in the title, so the search engines can find you.

If you have time, a line-by-line rewrite can turn PLR into a unique article with no worries you’ll find your content on someone else’s site. However, busy marketers often don’t have time for a complete overhaul. In that case, rewriting the first and last paragraphs will make the article fit better with your style of writing.

Abide by the Terms of Service of other Sites

Obviously, if you’re using PLR on your own site or in your newsletter, terms of service don’t come into play. However, if you’re going to use PLR on other sites such as article directories, Squidoo, HubPages, or even a self-publishing platform like Create Space, you need to be aware of any restrictions they place on PLR content.

Some article directories, most notably, expressly forbid the use of private label rights articles, and will terminate your account if they find you in violation of this rule. Their reasoning is that so many PLR buyers don’t change the content at all, that they run the risk of having many versions of the exact same article on their site. This is a waste of their resources, and does not offer value to their readers, so you can understand why they forbid the use of PLR content.

Using private label rights articles can make content creation easier and less costly, in terms of both time and money spent. To make working with PLR even easier, be sure to start with quality content purchased from reputable vendors. With just a few packaging changes, you can turn PLR content into unique, useful articles your readers will enjoy.

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April 2012

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