Affiliate Niche Marketing With Short Reports

By Susanne Myers

In a previous article I’ve shared how easy it is to turn articles into short reports. Now I’d like to show you how you can use said reports to grow your affiliate marketing business. That means we’re going to get more traffic, build our list and make more sales. Let’s dive right in.

Use Reports To Build Your List

Before you do anything else with your short report, use it to grow your list faster. I’m assuming you are already building a list for your niche. Get more people to sign up by offering your report as a bonus for signing up. This is also called an “ethical bribe”.

Upload the pdf to your server and link to it from your autoresponder welcome email. Then edit your optin form to let your readers know what they’ll get when they sign up.

Using Viral Components For More Traffic And Sales

Short reports can travel far and wide across the “interwebs” getting your name and your website in front of a lot of people. Creating a viral report is very simple. In the footer text and in the introduction, you can simply tell your readers that they are welcome to share the report with family and friends.

If you want to go a step further, you can include some tips on how to share the report. You can let them know that they are welcome to give it away on their blog, tweet about it, share it on Facebook etc.

You could even create a simple optin template and allow others to use the report as an ethical bribe to grow their own list.

Getting Traffic To Your Site Via PDF Sharing Sites

Another way to leverage short reports is to submit them to pdf or document sharing sites and ebook directories. I like using to upload my short reports. Another option is to submit it to There’s a small charge to publish your report on their site, but I find the amount of traffic I get from there makes it worth the cost.

Leveraging Other People’s Efforts By Giving It Away As A Bonus

Last but not least, let’s talk about how you can leverage other people’s success by offering them your free report as a bonus for their newsletter, membership site or product.

The process is very simple. Find a few sites in your niche that either have a big newsletter or a product of some sort that is selling well. I find it works best to focus on people with information products that can be downloaded. ClickBank is a great place for finding them.

Email the product owner with a link to your short report and let them know that they are welcome to use the report as an extra bonus for their customers. If the report is well written, gives good information and fits with whatever the product might be there’s no reason for the product owner not to share it with his customers. In fact it adds more value for them and you get more free exposure.

Quick Tip – Don’t feel like you can only use your short report for one of these strategies. Instead leverage the time an effort you’ve put into creating it by doing all of the above and anything else you may come up with.

And now I would like to invite you to learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can grow your own niche site in as little as 30 minutes a day using the strategies and checklists I’m using each day.

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