5 Tips To Help You Get Your Writing Done On Time

Whether you’re trying to write an eBook, a report or just content for your blog, it’s easy to get distracted and find other things to do. But remember, the quicker you can get through the writing, the quicker your product will be finished! Here are my top five tips for doing just that.

1) Set A Timer

Something that really helps me, whether I’m in the middle of writing an eBook or not, is to set a timer. This means literally setting an alarm to go off in 15 minutes time, 30 minutes, an hour… whatever, and just write until then. It’s a great way to focus. You can use a cooking timer or a simple alarm if you want, though there’s also software available to help.

2) Take Days Off

You’re going to need days off from writing. In theory we can all plan to work on a task each and every day for a month, but in reality we’re going to find ourselves resenting that task. This will differ from person to person. For example, if you’ve set a 7 day challenge to finish your eBook then you probably will want to write everyday. But if not, then taking e.g. the weekends off is a good idea.

3) Don’t Beat Yourself Up

This is probably going to be the hardest advice to follow out of everything I’ve said! But I understand what it’s like to beat yourself up when you’re not getting any words written. I did it for a few days and it got me nowhere. Some days you might have to admit defeat and vow to make it up in the following days. Sometimes a day off is what you need to clear your mental block.

4) Think About Your Goals

I recommend that you always think about your goals as you are writing. When I imagined accomplishing my challenge of writing 50,000 words in 30 days I imagined how happy and proud I would be when I finished. That helped to keep me going – that and the fact I had told a lot of people I was doing the challenge to keep me accountable!

Some days I let myself get a bit negative. Instead of thinking ‘I’m over half way through’ I’d start thinking ‘I’ve got almost half still left to write’. We’ll all have moments like that, but try to put a positive spin when you find your mind wandering into dark places!

5) Find Your Natural Rhythm

Very soon into writing my first eBook I realized I did a lot better when I wrote in the mornings. Why? Because by lunch I could forget about the annoying task of completing my challenge and just get on with whatever else needed doing. Find a time that works for you and stick to it.

Bonus Tip: Reward Yourself

Lastly, I recommend rewarding yourself when you meet certain goals. You could have a nice snack, a special lunch, go out somewhere, Tweet for a while… whatever, just something that makes the pain worthwhile!

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