3 Ways You Must NOT Use PLR Articles!

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As with anything else in life, there is a right and a wrong way of using plr articles. Most people use plr the wrong way and those are the very people who scream in forums that plrs are all bad, and that they are just a waste of money! This is completely a wrong idea! A tool is only as good as its user. If you know how to use plr articles correctly, I bet you will make a lot more money out of it than what you are making now!

In this article I will tell you about the three biggest plr mistakes! Make sure you do not make these mistakes or you would not make a dime from the plr content you buy!

1. Not changing the article title: The biggest and most obvious mistake that people make regarding plr article is that of not changing its title. Unless you are really lucky, you will often get plr articles with lousy titles. These titles would not do you any good so it is better to rewrite them. Add your own voice and personality to the title to make it your own! If you change nothing else, at least change the title of the article!

2. Not optimizing the article for the proper keywords: For the sake of the argument, let us assume that you purchased your plr articles from a reputed writer. However, good writers are not necessarily SEO experts. Most of the plr articles that I buy are not properly keyword-optimized.

As a matter of fact, a plr article would not make you a dime unless you optimize it for your niche keywords. If you do nothing else, at least insert your preferred keyword once in the title, intro, first paragraph, as well as the close of the article. You should also insert your keyword in your resource box!

3. Not rewriting the article: PLR is different from custom content, in that you are not the only one using it! God knows how many more people apart from you are using the same article! Maybe 100? Maybe 1,000? In any case, your best option is to rewrite a part of the plr article before you use it! That way, you article will stand out no matter how many people use the same content.

If you plan to put the article on your website or blog, you can rewrite just 50% of the content. However, if you plan to submit it to article directories, I would suggest that you rewrite the article completely!

It takes only ten minutes to do a rewrite, and you will see how much more traffic you get from a plr article if you rewrite it rather than using it “as is”.

Everything however, starts with getting the plr content from a reputed source. If you buy junk content, then no matter how much you rewrite it, you will only get poor results! After all, you cannot convert trash into gold, can you? So your first step is to make sure that the content you are receiving is not only well researched, but also properly written.

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