3 Things That Are Killing Your Business

By Jimmy D. Brown of iBusiness Owner

One of my coaching clients asked me the following question during one of our sessions…

“Part of being productive is knowing what NOT to do. What are 3 common activities that Internet Marketers engage in that you recommend they minimize or not do at all?”

I’d like to respond to that question here publicly because I think it’s something that is EXTREMELY important for ALL internet marketers to consider.

So often we’re so concentrated on “traffic generation” and “list building” and “product creation” and all the internet marketing “stuff” that we fail to realize that there are some fundamental things that are keeping us from really being productive in our businesses.

See if any of these things are killing YOUR business…

1. Looking at and then purchasing distracting offers.

The problem with most internet marketers is that they are information junkies. They are on every major list and get offers to their inbox virtually every hour of the day. Many people spend waaaay too much time reading through the latest “offer of the week”. (I would venture that HOURS are wasted every week on this practice for the average internet marketer.)

And, worse still is the awful practice of routinely buying these offers which only furthers the distraction as the customer then spends precious time working on something new and abandoning any momentum they’ve already gained.

It’s an addiction that is at epidemic proportions. And that’s no joke. People are getting nowhere and perhaps the biggest reason is right here. They spend too much time chasing rabbits.

I have a simple rule that I go buy and that I teach my clients –

Don’t look at any new “offer” until Friday, at the END of the workweek.

When you’ve gotten everything done for that week, THEN look at the mounting offers. If there was a deadline that you missed, then it’s probably for your betterment anyway. Besides, there will be plenty more opportunities for similar offers in the future, if not the same one.

I told a friend of mine the other day, “There has never been anything in all of Internet marketing that only happened ONCE”. Let that sink in. Whether it’s the same offer from the same person or a knock off from someone else, no “secret” stays secret for long and no offer remains unduplicated for long.

2. Browsing forums, Google, etc. with no real purpose.

How many hours are wasted each week browsing as some form of “entertainment”? That is, how much time is thrown away just reading posts at forums, chasing down webpages at Google, etc?

If you’re going to spend time browsing forums, do so with an agenda. Whether you’re taking notes, looking for product ideas, learning something or any other valuable activity, make sure you do SOMETHING from your browsing that is beneficial to your business.

I always recommend that internet marketers keep a notepad with them anytime they are browsing. Always jot down ideas. Always.

  • Reading a news page? Look at their marketing and take notes.
  • Browsing a blog about American Idol? Get ideas for your own blog.
  • Checking stats for Tony Romo’s last game? Identify ways the site is monetizing their traffic.

And, unless you are super disciplined, don’t do this browsing until AFTER you’ve completed your work for the day. It’s usually a distraction.

3. Taking the long way to do daily activities.

There are many activities that require an investment of time each day (answering emails, supporting customers, troubleshooting problems, managing affiliates, etc.). But, does that mean you should take the long way to get them done? Of course not.

To the contrary, you should take shortcuts as much as possible.

For example: If you find that you’re answering the same email over and over again, make a template that you simply copy and paste (instead of typing out the answer) whenever someone asks it. I probably average 10 hours of saved time every week by using this one thing alone.

Whenever possible, look for ways to automate (or at least semi-automate) any process that you do regularly.

In the end, you’ll be more productive. Speaking of being more productive…

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