3 Simple Steps To Make Money with PLR Articles

Whatever you are doing online, you can make money with PLR. If you write your own content you will save time by rewriting PLR articles instead. If you outsource, you will save money. And even if you get free content syndicated to your site, you can use PLR to drive traffic.

So here are 3 important tips to making money with PLR articles.

1. Pick A Niche Where People Are Spending

A lot of PLR article memberships will have you download a ton of articles in niches where, frankly, you would have to be a miracle worker to make money.

Sometimes this is because nobody is interested in the subject. More often, it is because they are not spending enough to make it worth your time. Either the products are very cheap so your commissions are tiny, or the visitors are not likely to order online.

Sure, you can still have Adsense on your site and maybe make a few cents that way. But it will not be more than a few cents a click because the advertisers will not pay much for clicks from visitors in a low-spending market.

So before you even take the time to set up a simple blog, ask yourself a few questions. Is this really a popular area? Who is going to be buying products or signing up for services online? And what products will they buy? Are there affiliate programs? Are there CPA offers?

2. Make Your PLR Unique – At Least A Little

When you buy PLR you must realize that other people have the right to use it, just like you. Changing it, at least a little, means you have more chance of getting your version into the search engine results.

The simplest way to alter PLR articles, if your English is not good or you do not want to take much time, is to change the keywords. These will be in the title and usually around 3 places in the article. Having a different title is a great start and for your own site, this may be all you have to do.

The next step if you want to go further is to change the first and last paragraphs. You can alter or delete a few words, split one sentence into two, and make easy changes like that.

Rewriting the article completely is necessary if you want to submit it to article directories. For a complete marketing strategy, you could rewrite the article for the top article directories but use a less changed version on your own site. That way you are not even competing with your own article for Google’s attention.

3. Be Creative In How You Use The Articles

So far we have covered some of the standard ways to make money with PLR articles. But think outside of the box and you can steal ahead of other marketers.

Using the articles along with an opt in list will help you make more money. Capture subscribers using a free ebook that you compiled from some related PLR articles, then use the information in the articles to send them a regular newsletter. You can promote your affiliate products in every newsletter.

Many people will not buy the first time they see an offer. They need 2, 3 or anything up to 10 visits. Plus you have the chance to promote several different products to them over a period of time. So by bringing your subscribers back to your offers again and again, you can easily make a lot more money.

Or how about video? You can use points from the articles to create a video to promote your chosen affiliate product. Create simple slides that summarize the main points. You can do this with Powerpoint or a free online video creation program such as Jing. Then either narrate your commentary, including more details, or simply have music accompanying the slides.

You can use PLR articles as your ‘secret weapon’ to save time and money in virtually any traffic strategy that you can think of. Get into a profitable niche and focus on it, change the PLR at least a little and be creative in your thinking. Then you should find it easy to make money with PLR articles.

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