3 Keys To Getting The Most From Your List

By Jimmy D. Brown of iBusiness Owner

Do you remember what you were doing on June 3, 1994?

(That’s probably a bad question to ask … most of us can’t remember what we were doing 15 MINUTES ago! :)

I remember what I was doing on June 3, 1994 –

I was saying “I do” to Paula June Shrable.

That’s right, on June 3, 1994 my lovely wife and I were married.

There are a lot of things that make our marriage a wonderful one after all these years: things like our faith, our friendship, our family, our faithfulness and our fun certainly figure strongly in the mix.

As I reflect back on many wonderful years with my wife, I can’t help but see a parallel set of “success” principles that should be practiced with your opt-in email lists.

Leave it to me to compare blissful marriage to list marketing. Some romantic! :)

Still, there are some things that have made our marriage work that relate to making your list work.

Are you successfully “married” to your list? Here are three keys to make your most important business relationships endure through time…


Everyone will tell you that communication is a core component of any successful, enduring relationship. And it’s true. You know it. I know it. The key is actually doing it.

My wife and I talk all the time. Sometimes she talks and I listen. Other times I talk and she listens. Still other times we engage in “conversation”. And we respond positively to each others comments. We don’t just hear, we heed. We don’t just listen, we learn.

We don’t just talk, we take action.

If you want your list to be successful you’ve gotta communicate.

Sometimes you need to listen. Ask for feedback. Take corrective action on complaints and criticisms. Survey your lists. Gauge interest. Analyze response.

Other times you need to talk. Share your stories. Make an offer. Reveal interesting things you’ve learned. Respond to list feedback.

If you aren’t regularly in “conversation” with your list (At LEAST once per week and preferably TWICE per week) then you’re not as “intimate” as you need to be.

NOTE: Lest you take the “my wife and I talk all the time” principle too far, you should NOT email your list every hour on the hour! :)


My wife is an amazing woman. I am captivated by her. Captivate means “to attract and hold the attention and interest of”. That’s what she’s been doing to me for fifteen years.

She has interesting insights. She makes me laugh. She offers great counsel. She is fun. She is intelligent. She is warm and loving. She is hard working. She is “beautiful in every way”. And, if I gave her a couple of sentences to ramble in this message about me, she’d tell you that she feels the same way about me.

If you want to have a successful relationship with your list, you must “captivate” them. You must “attract and hold the attention and interest of” your subscribers.

  • Give them useful, meaty information.
  • Motivate and inspire them to achieve.
  • Tell them personal, inspiring stories.
  • Reveal startling revelations.
  • Leave them hanging with a cliffhanger.
  • Build up their interest and anticipation.

When you can communicate while you captivate, you’ll keep them tuned in for more.


Paula and I work together. It’s a “give and take” relationship. She does things that I don’t like to do and vice versa. We complement each other well. Her weaknesses are my strengths and it’s the same the other way around. The bottom line is: our relationship is mutually beneficial.

That’s another key to a successful “marriage” to your subscribers. It simply must be mutually beneficial or it doesn’t work.

If one side does all the “taking”, the other side is usually going to disconnect.

I’ve seen list owners on both sides of this.

* Some list owners do nothing but send out offer after offer after offer to their list in an attempt to get every penny they can get. There’s no content, no usefulness, no value … just sales pitch. Soon they are mailing to a “ghost list” … everyone has left town.

* Some list owners do nothing but bend over backwards to help their subscribers. They give and give and give and give until there is nothing to “sell”. They trade their time for almost no money. In time they get frustrated and call it quits because “nobody’s buying”.

There has to be balance.

You “give” and you “take” … because those on your list “take” and they “give”.

If you want to be successfully “married” to your list, then do these three things: communicate, captivate, cooperate.

There are many other “keys” to Paula and me having a great marriage, but these three are critical parts of of everyday lives. And they certainly apply to any successful list relationship.

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