3 CPA Tips for Top Conversions

3 CPA Tips for Top Conversions

True entrepreneurs are always looking for those little one-tiny-step-further tweaks that make a difference. And sometimes the difference after using even one of these seemingly-simple refinements is huge, turning a weak CPA campaign into a strong one.

Here are 3 staple tips that can rock your campaigns:

1. Don’t just write reviews – write reviews comparing 2 similar products. Make sure one product is higher ticket, and one entry-level affordable. Honestly give the pros and cons of each – but using the cons wisely, to both pre-qualify and disqualify your visitors, so you’re left with only the ones that will really appreciate everything you provide.

That way, you double your chances of having them click on your affiliate links for those two products… and you’re encouraging them to click on your CPA ads too!

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2. Don’t just put your CPA ads in widgets – put them right within the body of highly relevant blog posts. When the campaign ends, it’s easy just to delete the ads out of the post altogether – particularly if you didn’t make them part of the post text itself. Many marketers have reported good results with this non-conventional placement.

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3. Always check out your competition. Many new (and not so new) marketers skip this step – but that’s rather like going to the ball game without any tickets: If it’s a really important ball game, your chances of getting in the box office are hit-and-miss, at best. (You’d probably lose money, paying a scalper for tickets you could have easily reserved in advance.)

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One of the easiest ways to check out your competition involves not just looking at the first few sites that come up when you Google your long-tailed keyword, but looking to see if there are any paid ads in separate sidebars to the right of your Google page, or up top. Then visit them. See what you’re up against.

These are by no means “supertips” – but you’d be surprised how often they’re ignored by people who should really know better!

Make them a habitual part of your CPA campaigns, and watch your profits increase!

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