10 More Ways to Use eBooks to Boost Your Business

10 More Ways to Use eBooks to Boost Your Business

The response to our previous blog post about 26 Ways to Use eBooks to Boost Your Business has just been awesome. So awesome that I’ve been inspired to think of even more ways to use eBooks – 10, in fact.

But before I get into that, let me just remind you that you don’t have to write these eBooks yourself. If your business is related to Mommyhood, check out Mom PLR eBooks. With your monthly membership, you’ll get private label rights (PLR) to an eBook, articles, blog posts and everything else you need for marketing.

1. Use content from the eBook to post meaningful and valuable comments in blog posts related to your niche.

2. Write a blog post about each topic in the eBook’s table of contents. Use on your own blog or as guest posts in related blogs.

3. Use the eBook as the basis of an online survey, to help you learn more about your market such as what type of information they want.

4. Create a FAQ page or special report with links to your site and/or affiliate links. Then make it go viral.

5. Distill the key points of an eBook into a poster – to give away or sell.

6. Use information in the eBook to create high-quality landing pages for your Pay Per Click campaigns.

7. Based on the eBook contents, develop a set of comics you can give away to build your list.

8. Pre-load a USB flash drive with several related eBooks and sell at a premium.

9. If you have a membership site, offer the eBook as an unannounced bonus.

10. Organize a webinar around the eBook. Record the webinar, have it transcribed, and you’ve got a brand-new product to either sell or give away.

Whew! With our previous blog post, that’s a total of 36 ways you can use eBooks to build your business. If I’ve missed any, please feel free to let me know by posting a comment below.

There’s so much you can do with content, but it takes time, effort and money to create it. When you have access to high-quality PLR content for a specific market, such as Mom PLR eBooks, then you’ll have plenty of time and energy to get maximum profits from the content. If you want to try out Mom PLR eBooks, use coupon code “ebookboost” (without the quotation marks) to get your first month for only $5. After that, it’s $29 every month.

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I have given you so many ideas for building your biz with eBooks – which one will you do first?

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