What To Do On Valentine’s Day For Singles

Valentine’s Day 2012 is coming soon! If you’re single and don’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day then you don’t have to sit around feeling sorry for yourself! There’s no reason why Valentine’s Day can’t be fun for singles as well as couples. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are 6 to get you going.

1) Ignore It!

Valentine’s Day is just an arbitrary date on the calendar. It doesn’t mean anything that you happen to be single on this Valentine’s Day, so why not just ignore it and treat it like any other day of the year? Plenty of others will be doing the same.

2) Share It With A Friend

If you’ve got a friend who doesn’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day, why not have a “date” together? It’s a fun way to spend time with someone you care about. Just because you may not be in love doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate the different kind of love you feel for your friends!

3) Pamper Yourself

Why not spend some time showing yourself some love? Buy some smelly bath salts, some nice candles, chocolates and wine and spend the evening pampering yourself. After you’ve had a long relaxing bath, cozy up under a blanket and watch a movie while eating your chocolates and indulging on some much needed me-time.

4) Go Out And Meet New People

If you want to know what to do on Valentine’s Day, have a look to find out what’s going on in your local area. Many venues set up speed dating, parties and club nights for singles on Valentine’s Day. They’re a perfect place to meet new people, or just have a night of fun. Being single on Valentine’s Day can actually be a positive!

5) Ask Someone Out

If there’s someone you’ve had your eye on, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to ask them out. Show them that you’re a not-so-secret admirer and ask them out for dinner or to the movies. If all goes well then it’ll be a Valentine’s Day to remember. If you don’t hit it off, at least you will have had a fun Valentine’s Day!

6) Host An Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

If you really hate Valentine’s Day then why not turn this hatred into something fun? Host an anti-Valentine’s party where hearts, candy, flowers and cards are all banned! You can even make a list of all the things you love about being single.

Being single really can be a positive thing on Valentine’s Day. When you’re thinking about what to do on Valentine’s Day, the choice really is yours, and yours alone!

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