Build Your Cookbook Empire With PLR! Free Downloadable Ebook

Build Your Cookbook Empire With plr! Free Ebook Download

Table of Contents

  • The Biggest Market on the Planet is PEOPLE WHO EAT!
  • recipes Generate Traffic to Your Website
  • Where Do You Get All These recipes, Anyway?
  • recipe Sources
  • Putting It All Together
  • How to Make Money with Your Cookbook
  • #1 – Give it Away
  • #2 – Sell It
  • #3 – Use Your Affiliate Force
  • #4 – Affiliate Products, Upsells and Back End Sales
  • Other Ways to Use Recipes to Create Revenue
  • Here’s a Checklist to Help You Complete One Cookbook Each and Every Month
  • Resources

Build Your Cookbook Empire

Download Now

Create A New Cookbook Every 30 Days (317 KB | 20 Pages | PDF)

plr recipe PACKS BY YUMMY PLR:


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