Cheating Spouse

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to a cheating spouse than to a cheating lover. First stop is the children’s welfare.

The children are the direct victims of a cheating husband or wife and can usually impact them more than the victimized spouse. Second, are the in-laws.

What would they say if they find out that they gave their daughter or son away to a complete, ruthless cheating jerk?

In marriages where the in-laws are pretty much heavily involved in the couple’s life, the situation can definitely be aggravated by the pain and grief of extended family members.

Money is also another issue when there is cheating in a marital relationship. Since, from a legal standpoint, everything in most marriages is conjugal property.

How much you spend on your affair can definitely affect the financial status of your spouse. You are not only hurting him or her emotionally but also financially.

If your partner decides to spend money to give flowers to his or her partner that means 20 bucks less of this weeks’ expected family budget.

And if you calculate all the money being spent to keep the affair hidden that can lead to a serious amount of conjugal money being spent on remote hotel rooms on the other side of town, gas, birth control, gift deliveries and miscellaneous expenses.

Therefore it is very important to protect yourself from a cheating spouse as early as possible to avoid greater emotional and financial suffering.

This is a perfect example of the saying that goes “What you do not know can definitely hurt you”. By YOU, that means your marriage, your kids, your family and your finances.

Extra vigilance is absolutely a must when it comes to guarding your marriage. Here are just a few tips on how to detect if you have yourself a cheating spouse.

The cheating spouse stops wearing the wedding ring. This is the most classic sign of a cheating partner because it is a reminder of you.

No one wants to have sex with a third party and get reminded of the vows he or she made on her wedding day. When your spouse is trying to seduce another man or woman wedding rings are just not a good point of conversation.

When the spouse raises hypothetical questions it means that he or she is testing the waters.

“Do you think it’s possible to love more than one person at one time?”, “Are you open to sexually experimenting with other people?”, or “What if you find out you’re in love with someone else?”

These are just sample questions that a cheating spouse would ask his partner. The reason for testing the waters is to see just how much he or she can get away with.

They want to know where you stand, what to expect from you, where to put themselves around the situation.

Bust A Cheating Partner
Birth control contradictions

If she keeps birth-control pills in her purse and the husband has had a vasectomy or if the cheating husband carries condoms while the wife is on the pill, then something up definitely up.

The biggest fear of a cheating spouse is to have a love-child with the third party. If cheating is not hard enough, bringing an illegitimate child into an adulterous situation makes things much more complicated.

Sometimes the signs of a cheating spouse don’t need to be figured out by a rocket scientist. A basic detective work at home can do the trick.

Go to the bathroom and get familiar with the scents of your spouse’s Eau de toilette personal hygiene products. This procedure may require you to act like a CSI cast member.

You need to develop your sense of smell for the scent of his aftershave, or the scent of her conditioner.

Familiarize your olfactory nerves well enough to differentiate your spouse’s smell before he or she leaves and when he or she comes home for dinner.

If your partner leaves the house smelling like Dove and he or she comes home smelling like Gatsby then it can be because of a post coital quickie shower.

If you have a monthly inspection in your spouse’ workplace you can notice certain non verbal behavior around how his co workers respond to your presence.

They may be uncomfortable when you are in the room. This is because they share a part of the guilt for not telling you. What you need to do is to keep a close look on how they establish eye contact with you.

If you ask them questions and they answer you without looking into your eyes, chances are they’re afraid to lie to you.

Money talks. If the co workers do not talk, then you can count on the bank statements doing the talking. Check credit card records for suspicious purchases that never landed on your lap.

If your husband bought a pair of bra from Victoria’s Secret and your breasts have been resting on loose strappy tops that you resourcefully turned into a sports bras by sewing shoulder pads into them, or if your wife’s most recent purchase was an Expedia Romance Getaway Package trip for two to Kona around the time she was gone for 2 weeks on a “business trip”, then that’s a definite relationship red flag.

The point here is that you need to be keen, smart and resourceful. Getting a hold of your checking account deposit reviews can also give you a strong piece of evidence to support your suspicions.

The case is true when you find small gift items in your spouse’s possession and you don’t remember buying him or her anything recently.

Just as a cheating spouse would try to impress the third party with expensive gifts, he or she will also be reciprocated with the same gesture.

Inspect further. Usually these gifts come with letters, cards or little notes that your cheating spouse will cherish heartily.

They’re just cunningly hidden somewhere in there. Check the garage too. Oftentimes, people hide things they don’t want anyone to see in remotely odd places like a tool box, an old, unused cooler or in an innocent-looking box at the topmost shelf of your basement.

Bust a Cheating Partner
Lastly, if your gut strongly bothers you at night for no immediate and apparent reason at all, then this is actually your subconscious telling you to end your self-denials face the situation and surrender to your instincts.

Most people ignore their gut feeling when it comes to dealing with their husbands or wives because of the fear of confrontation.

Although ignorance may be bliss for some people, true happiness still comes from an honest and realistic awareness of knowing what you really have and finding ways to free yourself from the bondage of an unhealthy relationship.


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