450+ Free Resume Samples – Image Version (Part 2)

450+ Free Resume Samples – Image Version (Part 2)

Resume Samples.info:
http://www.resumesamples.info/ (40 resumes; good image quality)

Great variety of samples including banking, CFO, engineering, human resources, manufacturing, design, public relations, finance, researcher, etc.

Easy Job.com Resumes:
http://www.easyjob.net/resume/templates/sample-resume-templates.html (85 resumes; good image quality)

  • Entry Level No Experience (29 samples)
  • Short Experience (28 samples)
  • Long and Consistent Experience (28 samples)

Resume Help.org:
http://www.resume-help.org/free_resume_examples.htm (50+ resumes; average image quality)

  • Executive Resumes (9 samples)
  • Professional Resumes (32 samples)
  • Public Sector Resumes (5 samples)
  • Student Resumes (7 samples)

Resume Help.org:
http://www.resume-resource.com/samples.html (100+ resumes plus several cover letter samples; average image quality)

  • Executive Resumes (11 samples)
  • Student Resumes (7 samples)
  • Manager Resumes (8 samples)
  • Office and Administrative Resumes (8 samples)
  • Accounting and Finance Resumes (9 samples)
  • Marketing and Sales Resumes (13 samples)
  • Computer and Information Technology Resumes (16 samples)
  • Medical and health Care Resumes (8 samples)
  • Legal, Lawyer and Attorney Resumes (9 samples)
  • Teaching and Teacher Resumes (5 samples)
  • Miscellaneous, Industrial and Manufacturing Resumes (10 samples)

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